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Credible Client Portal

Woodland Centers is now able to offer you access to your electronic health record through a secure online account called Credible Client Portal.

Sign Up Today! Or if you have signed up already, click this link to get to the portal https://www.credibleportal.com/clientportal/login.asp?b=3

Clients currently active at Woodland Centers, Parents and Guardians
What can you access?

  • Selected information from clinic notes
  • Appointment schedule
  • Medications
  • Medical information
  • Medical profile history
  • Lab results
  • Current insurance information
  • Billing balances
  • Educational Resources

To get signed up, please make a selection below.

Age 18 years and over

Under age 18 or over 18 and you have a legal guardian (Parent or guardian: print form complete, sign and return to a receptionist in Woodland Centers nearest you.

We will email your username and password to you after the information you have submitted is validated with your Woodland Centers client information. You will be able to change this password during your initial log-in.

If you have any questions, email your questions to portal@wcenters.org and they will be answered as soon as possible.